Exhibition stalls available in Panaji, Goa at a low rate

Retailers, dealers, manufacturers and suppliers interested in selling their product in an exhibition in a central location in panaji, goa at a low rate of less than Rs 300 per day can send an email to info@textads.in . Close to government offices, as government employees have plenty of money. Suitable for hobbyist, artists and others who wish to market or find new customers, find out the market demand for their product and have a limited marketing budget. Exhibition will be promoted extensively online and using outdoor marketing. Discount offered for ladies.

Marketing, advertising products in small towns

While real estate prices are far higher in large metro cities, the cost of many items are far lower in large cities because of the large volumes which reduce the fixed overhead expenses and inexpensive commuting. It is often difficult for many companies to find customers in small towns because of the lower volumes.
Exhibitions are a relatively inexpensive way of marketing items in a small town at a low cost for small businesses. More details of marketing in a small town using exhibitions at Hometown connection, with process and other details.

Garment, accessories from China

trading company in Shanghai China, We supply garments and some accessories.

The products we are most experienced with are as follows:

Shirts,pants/trousers(jeans),t-shirts,hoodies,sportswear,uniforms,down jackets, complicated outdoor jackets(hard shell & soft shell),blazer, Sweaters/Cardigans and some accessories, such as necktie, scarves, hats/beanies and caps, etc.

We also supply cotton fabric, especially yarns dyed fabric for shirts, We made a lot for Japanese customers.

About the quality, We got highest comments from our American customers (DESIGNLAB),We made a lot of t shirts, polo shirts for them. We also made a lot of scarves for university students in Ireland for CBD company. We’ve been working with them over 4 years. Very smooth cooperation.

We have a great QC team completely in charge of quality control. they stay in factories watching the production to make sure

all products are manufactured correctly upon our customers’ requirements.

Contact: Winner lee

Customized advertiser leads

While there are a lot of leads available online, there is no way to verify that these leads are authentic, and using them can be a waste of time and money. Advertisements offline are one of the most effective way of ensuring that a particular lead is genuine, because most advertisers have to pay some money for advertising especially in print media. Companies selling a product or providing a service can get a lot of leads using customized lists of potential customers.

Purchasing mobile spares, accessories and handcrafted items online

It is easier to find spare parts for old mobile phones like Nokia, Blackberry and handcrafted items online as most local stores do not stock these items especially in small towns because of the limited demand for these items. While there are many online websites which claim to be selling a wide range of mobile products, services and accessories, some of these websites are scam sites which do not supply quality products according to the specifications on the website. it is also difficult to get any customer support

small-medium quantity garment manufacturing

Speciality in high quality and small-medium quantity garment manufacturing




– Kid’s Clothing
– Women’s Clothing
– Men’s Clothing
– Dress, Shirt, Jacket, Pants, Sweater


– Jacket, Parka, Softshell, Ponch
– Functional Materials
– Custom Logo, Printings & Embroidery

Sports & Outdoor CLOTHING

– Jacket, Jersey, Parka, Softshell
– Functional Materials
– Custom Logo, Printings & Embroidery

Promotional CLOTHING

– T-Shirt, Polo, Jersey, Jacket
– Custom Logo, Printings & Embroidery

Tell what you need,send your design to us, we will do the rest.

Strive to create unique designed products for clients around the world!

Marketing Manager
Phone: +86 13184267451
Add: JinCheng Small Zone, Jin’an District 350012,Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China

Suppliers Of Garments / Apparels

We are the suppliers & sourcing Agents for garments & Apparels We deal in the product lines below in Wovens & knits from India.

Men’s Wear: Shirts, Trousers,Jeans,T-shirts, Bermudas, Jeans,
Ladies Wear : Ladies tops,Blouses, Skirt, Dresses,Night Dress, Lingerie
,Intimates , uniforms

We have decent size factories which produce decent & bulk quantities in the
required styles.
We await to hear reverts from your Side.

Cell No: 00918698874411 (Viber & Whatsapp ) 00919322344401
skype id : jkmerchandising

Dropshipping, sourcing websites

In the United states, there are a large number of dropshipping websites, however in other countries there are relatively few, and they charge more money. It is also difficult to find suppliers of products from India. For information of dropshipping websites and sourcing agencies, check Goods Zone . Wholesalers, distributors and others interested in getting rid of their stocklot, closeouts, export surplus can send their offers to nkinf@hotmail.com

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