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CPM handlooms, manufacturer of home furnishing

Manufacturers and exporters of 100% Cotton Hand-loom and Power-loom fabric varieties in all quantities. Our goal is to deliver impeccable quality of projects in a timely manner with the highest level of customer service.

As a result of our commitment, leadership, and innovation, today the group has established itself as one of the leading and reputed Manufactures and Exporters of all type Hand loom and Power-loom fabric varieties across worldwide. As we are having sufficient infrastructure at our own immediate control. Can undertake any bulk order and ship promptly at most competitive prices.

Our products are like,

TABLE LINEN – Tablecloth, Round Table Cloth, Tea towel, Napkins, Table Mat, Runner, Straw Mats, Coaster, Bread Basket, Tea Cozy.

KITCHEN LINEN – Apron, Pot Holder, Mitten, Gloves, Kitchen Towel, Place Mat

BED LINEN / HOTEL LINEN – Bed Sheets, Bed Spread, Duvet, Duvet Cover, Bed covers, Pillow Cover, Mattress Protectors, Pillow Cases, Laundry Pack, Chair Cover and Chair Bow.

TOWELS – Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Face Towels, Bath Mat, Bath Robe and all verities of Terry Towels etc…

CURTAINS – Door Curtains, Window Curtains, Norens

CUSHIONS – Cushion Cover, Chair Pads, Chair Covers, Floor Cushions,
and BAGs, Floor Mats, other items mentioned in the company profile.

For CPM Handlooms


CPM Handlooms
S.F.NO.166/2, B7B,
PH- 04324-225592.

Please note that R&AW/cbi, ntro employees especially indore document robber veena, goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, naina,riddhi siddhi are not associated with the website in any way, as they are not spending any money and not doing any work online, only making fake claims to get credit and a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, who is broke.This mailer is published free of cost.

Men’s & Ladies both cotton trouser

*My Iranian buyer now is in Bangladesh***
Now we are ready to buy some specific goods on spot decision…

Men’s & Ladies both cotton trouser (summer): 500-5000 pcs
**Ladies knitted rumper: 500-5000 pcs
**Ladies swimming costume: 500-5000 pcs
Ladies printed t-shirt: 500-5000 pcs
Men’s & Ladies both Christmas sweater: 100-200 pcs

Stocklot needed total 10000 baby, girls, women verities sweater

stocklot needed 3lack pcs penty

Stocklot needed 50000 to 1 lack denim (jeans) pant


Proprietor / CEO



MOBILE: +8801825581451, +8801534615899

+8801705616353, +8801925989759


Whatsapp/Viber: +8801825581451

Address: 574-575, Lake City Concord Market,

Namapara, Khilkhet, 1229, Dhaka, Bangladesh

sublimation crew neck rugby jersey

Chengdu Hoy Sports Garment Co.,Ltd.

for Rugby shirts. specialize in customizing sportswear for our customer with Hi-tech sublimation for many years.

One sample order is accepted.
Design support.
Shipping via DHL door to door for 3-4 days.
Turnaround time is 7-9 days after confirm design.

Scope: custom lacrosse apparel, baseball wear, soccer uniform, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball, cycle, motor, cricket, netball, running, wrestling wear, arm/leg warmers, polo, jacket, t-shirt,hoodies,etc.

Tshirt factory required

Please update us about your garment (knit T-Shirt) production quality & capacity with line numbers with operator desk quantity.

We have setup UK buyer and need 3-5 lack production quantity per month with QC

Secure regular payment system will be followed.


Sample details & price will be shown & negotiated after factory visit.


If interested please update us on top urgent.

We want to visit your factory by tomorrow & if found all mostly ok then we shall try to give you 2 lack pcs T-Shirt order by 2/3 days. Because we were in soft touch of commitment to give you business we will start our RMG sector.

And now we are in full running.


Thanks in advance for your interest for your business.





Proprietor & CEO



MOBILE: +8801705616353, +8801825581451,

+8801534615899, +8801925989759

Viber/Whatsapp/IMO/Line/Wechat: +8801825581451



Address: 317, Lake City Concord Market,

Namapara, Khilkhet, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh

Registered Address: GA-185, Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh





Item 1:

Fabric & accessories supply by buyer

Only CM (cutting to finishing); packing will be done in buyer’s house

Quantity: 01.5 lack pcs; one time shipment

Target rate 17tk; Payment by cash with payment guarantee




Item 2:

Fabric & accessories supply by buyer

Only CM (cutting to finishing); packing will be done in buyer’s house

Quantity: 02lack pcs; one time shipment

Target rate 17tk; Payment by cash with payment guarantee





Item 3:

Fabric & accessories supply by buyer

Only CM (cutting to finishing); packing will be done in buyer’s house

Quantity: 4000 pcs; one time shipment

Target rate will get by today; Payment by cash with payment guarantee




Item 4:

Fabric & accessories supply by buyer

Only CM (cutting to finishing); packing will be done in buyer’s house

Quantity: 04 lack pcs; one time shipment

Target rate 38 tk; Payment by cash with payment guarantee

Harassment of security agencies increases bag related expenses

One of the worst aspects of the google,tata masterminded sex, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud on the google competitor since 2010 is how security and intelligence agency employees are repeatedly entering the house of the google competitor and stealing or misplacing whatever they wish , using memory reading to waste the time, causing mental stress.

So the google competitor can never be sure that any item will remain in place, after she has left the room or house
This has forced her to carry essential items with her and most of the bags available in the market are not designed to carry a load of more than 1.5 kg . In other cases, the quality of the bag is not satisfactory, and the zip or some other part of the bag will break.

So the google competitor is wasting her time and money purchasing new bags constantly, sometime one to three new bags a month. The problem is worst while travelling long distances, especially in airports, where the bag is passed through security check. Quality bags are fairly expensive costing Rs 1500 per bag or more yet cbi, ntro refuse to consider bag prices while making fake black money allegations.

Garment exporter buyer guide

Garments are the most widely traded items in the world, with relatively few restrictions unlike food. Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, China, Thailand are some of the largest exporters of garments worldwide. A listing of offers from garment exporters, manufacturers, buying houses and agents for the benefit of garment buyers looking for the best deal.
Both garment exporters and buyers can send their offers and requirements to