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clothing supplier in Guangzhou, China. involved in garment production for more than 20 years and are very familiar with national quality standards and safety implementation standards. Now, we offer a wide range of low, medium and high-end women’s and men’s wear to the global market with quality assurance and reasonable prices. From research and development, production, quality control, logistics to one-stop service, the company employs experienced employees at home and abroad to provide customers with worry-free service.

Below are some details of our clothing for reference.

Feminine characteristics: casual fashion, elegant women, urban personality, cotton and linen, denim, large size women’s clothing, medium and large trees, elegant style, commuting style

Main style: casual tide, light luxury woman, simple European and American fashion

Age range: women aged 25-55


R & D method: R & D is divided into spring / summer / autumn / winter, 3-4 per season, about 500-700 styles per season


Category: The entire category is divided into a series of color systems to provide comprehensive R&D, series development, single product development, fast turnaround, and explosive supply.


Men’s clothing features: fashion casual, extraordinary temperament, handsome and straight, full of style

Main style: simple European style, business style, popular style, heavy craft,

Age: 18-55 years old male

Research and development methods: R&D is divided into spring/summer/autumn/winter. Each season is divided into 3-4 bands, each season is about 300-500 styles.

Provide categories: all categories, provide a full range of research and development for the brand sub-series color series, series research and development, single product development, fast turnover, explosion supply

OEM and ODM will be available. We will provide samples for your evaluation free of charge.

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